24 Hours of Travel = Geneva!

After a grueling 24 hours, here I am, a bit haggard, but in great spirits.

We encountered thunderstorms over New York which required a diversion and refueling. After two hours we were allowed to finally make it to Newark. The only problem is that the flight had already left. Rather than spend the night in New Jersey I chose to run to gate 126 and make the 730 flight to Frankfort.  This was 12 hours into this adventure.

I was fortunate to have an LA angel help arrange transfers while I was trapped in a plane at Sullivan air strip waiting for fuel and the thunderstorm to pass.  Luckily, the 730 flight was late, and I made it on and into a beautiful seat. While the plane was going to Frankfort, my luggage was still in Newark.

I arrived in Frankfort after some sleep and spent two hours at the Frankfort airport.  After cleaning up, I found my way to gate A3 and boarded a Lufthansa B737 to Geneva. I am happy to be here safely.

Now after 24 hours of travel, a shower, massage, steam, sauna and some purchased toiletries, I am in the French Alps and off to dinner with daughter Cat and her boyfriend Nick.  Life is good!

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  1. Wow…the travel angels are watching over you!!! I hope they fly with me on my way to the Bahamas, too! Have a wonderful sucessful trip!

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