Silicone Breast Implants – Bigger Than Ever

asaps logoNew statistics released this week by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) point to the fact that silicone breast implants have made a big comeback in cosmetic procedures (

I was an active opponent to the 1992 FDA ban of silicone breast implants used in cosmetic procedures. The ban was based on junk science.  It took place after complaints that the implants ruptured and could lead to health problems. The information proved untrue, and the FDA lifted the ban and said silicone implants are “safe and effective.”

According to ASAPS statistics, in 2012, 72 percent of the 330,631 breast-augmentation procedures in the U.S. used silicone implants, while 28 percent used saline.

I like the newest “gummy bear” implants.  You can learn more about them here



  1. Gummy Bear implants are a favorite but the price increase is very high. Instead tear-drop textured implants offer a better option which is cheaper. Also they have a lower rate of capsular contracture. During your consultation the plastic surgeon will be able to recommend better based on your body type and tissue at the breast.

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