No Need to “Man Up” with CoolSculpting

ESPNListen to Steve Mason at ESPN Talk About CoolSculpting.

The one thing guys don’t like? Pain. So we have found a way to help men look great while feeling no pain. CoolSculpting (by Zeltiq) is a great way to contour body parts fast and easy using a freezing technique that targets and kills fat cells. We have seven CoolSculpting devices in my office, and we are the nation’s leading provider of this treatment. In fact, men have eclipsed women and now are the majority of my patients at 51 percent of the CoolSculpting practice.
Men hate pain, so they love the procedure because there is no downtime and no pain. We treat back fat, the gut, love handles and chest. Guys come in, lie down, read a book, listen to music or text while the treatment freezes the fat.

CoolSculpting treatments take one to two hours depending on the number of sites treated. If pockets of fat remain, guys can return for another cycle.
Ladies, if you want your man to look “hunky,” tell them about CoolSculpting. You can learn more at Freeze The Fat!

PS – Ladies love CoolSculpting, too!   WGS

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