Bathing Suits and Breast Implants – It’s Summer!

It’s bathing suit season and time for those breast implants you have been coveting, so let’s talk about the breast implant called the Gummy Bear in this post. Despite its playful name, these gummybearimplants really offer some wonderful opportunities for breast augmentation procedures. Made from a high-strength silicone gel, the Gummy Bear implant by Sientra is able to hold its shape and remain firm. They also prove to have less leakage, since the material inside does not run when cut into, like standard silicone.

Other silicone and saline breast implants loose their shape, especially on top, due to a teardrop shape that doesn’t always maintain the same volume on top as on the bottom. They also don’t offer as many options for breast shape.

The Gummy Bear implants, however, create a softer, firmer feel that maintains shape and gives the breast a more natural quality. They are also especially good for women with little to no breast tissue, or women with asymmetrical breasts.

This video is an interview I did that offers everything you want to know about Gummy Bears. Check it out.

For more information about the Gummy Bear Implants, connect with us on the website at or give us a call for a consultation at (310) 827-2653.

Don’t delay – summer starts June 21! WGS


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