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What’s a Cake Without Icing?

17 Sep

Cake without icing? It’s like a facelift that doesn’t leave you with a fully-finished, polished and glowing new you. I think we’d agree that both prospects don’t sound appealing. After many years of experience, my approach to the face is comprehensive; I believe it’s important to improve the face itself and to improve the skin as well.

At Marina Plastic Surgery, we want you to have an overall common but nice skinrejuvenated look that is fresh, clear and truly beautiful.
In order to achieve the best results, I always customize the treatment that I use for each individual patient. After all, there isn’t just one filler that works best for the entire face, and there isn’t just one procedure that rises to every skin challenge.

For wrinkles under the eyes, red spots from broken capillaries close to the skin’s surface, or brown spots from age or sun damage, here are some of the additional tools that I feel have helped achieve consistent and impressive results:

• Limelight: This non-invasive light treatment is great for improving skin tone and age spots.
• Clear and Brilliant: A gentle, non-surgical laser that helps even the skin’s canvas and improve texture by minimizing the appearance of pores.
• Halo Laser: This is a wonderful, new hybrid laser that targets the deeper dermis layers of the skin, causing pigment from damaged layers to rise to the surface and peel off.

Let us use our best tools to bring out the very best in your skin and get the most out of your facelift! Give us a call today. We’d love to hear from you. You can also check out my video for the Plastic Surgery Channel here.

Cheers, WGS

Thinking About Fillers?

4 Mar

Well, I sure have.  There are so many great choices these days from Botox and Restylane to Juvederm and Voluma.  These products can enhance shallow areas like cheeks, soften wrinkles and even help scars.  The big news with fillers is that the guys are now lining up to try them as well.  As I always say, men wear their resumes on their faces, so fillers are a great way to look better and more rested.  You can read about the different types of fillers here to see what’s right for you.

I am so enamored with fillers myself that Cory is helping me to look my best by helping me practice what I preach.

grant and fillers

See you soon!  WGS

Lasers, Light, Ultrasound – Guide to a More Youthful Face

29 Jul

We live in a very busy society rushing from home to job to kids after school events, grocery shopping, dinner – well you know how it goes.  At Marina Plastic Surgery, we see many men and women who are adamant that they have no time left over for surgery or the recovery time afterwards.  But, they still want to look more youthful.

no surg wrinklrWe have the answer!  There are many brand new and tried and true procedures to make years disappear.  Lasers, light therapy and ultrasound offer quick and easy ways to diminish wrinkles and look more youthful and rested.  Here’s a quick little video that I did for the Plastic Surgery Channel that explains how you can achieve that young and fresh look without surgery.  Click here.

Happy summer!  WGS

Just When You Thought You Knew Everything About Fillers

7 Apr

After I did  a special event with reporters and bloggers last week, April Neale of Monsters & Critics came to the office to talk about fillers. She thought that I was much younger (YES!), and so I gave her a run down on what I am doing to stay younger than springtime…and fillers are part of the prescription.

grant and april

I thought you might want to check out her story because she gives a great overview of fillers here.

If you are interested in getting fillers, call the office at (310) 827-2653 and book an appointment with one of our expert staff members.  WGS




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