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Tips for a Successful Facelift

6 Sep

Facelifts can be performed by any surgeon, but for superior results, it’s best to consult an experienced plastic surgeon with thousands of hours in the operating room doing facelifts. Here’s a video that can help with your decision. Watch it here.

FaceliftOur best facelift candidates are realistic about expectations, strictly follow the pre-and post-operative instructions and seek consultations with several plastic surgeons. Chemistry and trust are an important part of the equation, as are personality and bedside manner. It’s a good idea to look at a surgeon’s before and after photos of clients who have had facelifts.

Here are some other helpful tips if you’re contemplating a facelift.

  • Gather information and learn about the benefits and risks of the procedure.
  • It’s easy to think that plastic surgery will solve all your problems or make you look like a movie star. Understanding the limitations of surgery is essential for overall satisfaction with your results.
  • Facelifts are not covered by insurance, so make sure you understand all the charges involved. Your doctor may offer financing options.
  • Make sure you understand the risks and complications of surgery.

Get started by requesting a consultation online. We’d love to help you decide if a facelift is right for you.

Best, WGS

To Fly or Not to Fly, That is the Question

8 Sep

Recently, I was interviewed for the Plastic Surgery Channel about the dangers of medical tourism. I think the topic is an important one, so I wanted to share my thoughts with you. The appeal of traveling abroad for cosmetic surgery is rooted in cheaper price tags coupled with the lure of an exotic vacation. It’s estimated that this year alone, more than one million people will travel to places like Brazil, Thailand and Cuba for medical procedures. This will result in a boost of over $40 billion dollars in the economy for those countries. However, prospective patients may not take into account some important risk factors. It’s imperative to consider the following should you be thinking about medical tourism for yourself:

• While the cost of procedures can sometimes be 40 percent less expensive in other countries, you might forget to include the cost of airfare, hotels, meals, transportation and even insurance having an impact on your budget. When you add these things into the equation, the cost of your procedure can be nearly equal to what you might pay in America.

• The follow-up after any surgery is extremely important. Flying can cause blood clots, which can lead to strokes and even death. In addition, contracting infectious diseases from a host country is one of the most frequent complications. Should you contract an infection, or other complication, it can be difficult to find a physician in the states who will treat you. In addition, most of these types of surgeries require more recovery time than a typical vacation week or two.

• It is not always easy to check the qualifications of doctors in Medical-Tourism.Still002-1024x576another country. The protection laws in other countries are often different than those in America, and there may be no legal recourse for you should something go wrong. In fact, many times, the reason for the lower cost of these procedures is that physicians abroad do not have to pay for malpractice insurance. For that reason, you should always be sure to at least look for a reputable facility that is internationally certified by the Joint Commission International.

If you are considering medical tourism for any plastic surgery, I would strongly advise you to do your research thoroughly and reconsider a physician in the states where you will be sure to receive the follow-up care, attention and support you’ll need for as long as you need it following surgery.

For more information, connect with us at Is Medical Tourism Worth the Risk?

Cheers, WGS

Simultaneous Breast Implants and Breast Lift is Safe and Effective

15 Jul

stevens surgeryI just completed a recent study that you might be interested in.  With a skilled surgeon and proper patient selection, combining breast augmentation implant surgery with a breast lift into one surgical procedure can be safe and effective, as reported in Aesthetic Surgery Journal.

We conducted a retrospective review of the medical records of 615 consecutive patients who underwent combined breast implant surgery and breast lift from 1992 through 2011. Patient demographics, operative and implant details and long-term outcomes were analyzed along with calculated rates of complications and revisions.

We found that our data compare favorably with previously reported revision rates for two separate surgeries – breast augmentation alone and lifts alone. Past critics of the surgery cited the lack of literature supporting the procedure’s benefits and the risks inherent in a combined operation.  We, along with other surgeons, noted that combining these procedures did not increase such risks in properly selected patients, and our study has supported this.


Tips and More About Breast Implants

2 Jun

augmentationBecause our practice does a lot of breast implant surgery, we are frequently asked to answer the many questions women have about the surgery and about implants and mammography.  Two very good articles were just posted on the web with a lot of information you may find useful if you are having breast implant surgery or have implants and are curious about their impact on mammography.  Just click the highlighted text to read the articles.

If you are having surgery, here are five tips for a safe recovery.

And does breast enhancement interfere with mammography?

You can always read more at our breast implant site on the Marina Plastic Surgery website.

Happy June! WGS

The Skinny on Mommy Makeovers

24 Feb

mommy makeoverWhat mom doesn’t want to lose her hanging stomach and drooping breasts?  Moms love their kids, but they also love their bathing suits and pencil skirts.  So what’s a mother to do?

Mommy makeovers are the answer, and we are experts in taking years off a mommy body.  I recently did an interview on mommy makeovers for eHealth radio.  If you are interested in the procedure, you’ll want to take a few minutes to listen to this as it will probably answer all your questions.

And if you want to find out more, check out our website just about mommy makeovers here.

Here’s to summer and soon!  WGS

The Eyes Have It, and Mine Rock!

22 May

A few weeks ago, I m921549_10151564331999286_788672913_oade the decision to have a blepharoplasty, an operation which corrects the drooping or hooding of the upper eyelids.  Our own Dr. Michelle Spring performed the procedure under local anesthetic.  I did it because I hated the hooding of my upper lids and the extra fullness of my lower lids.  And, I did it entirely for my own enjoyment.

I worked the same day, and had it done under local anesthesia taking only Tylenol for discomfort.   My only challenge was the swelling and small bruises. Our instructions at Marina Plastic Surgery say to use ice, ice, ice.  Frozen peas work great.  Had I been a better patient and used more ice, the swelling would have resolved more quickly.

It was a total piece of cake.  My favorite part was jumping up on the table and having Dr. Spri942798_10151564474559286_35999194_nng do the procedure.  The least favorite part was the swelling and small bruises, but they were my own fault.

I would do it again and again if I felt like I needed it or would be happier doing it.  Our eyes and how they look convey so much about us…are we old, tired, bored, or young, refreshed and vital?   I was tired of seeing old, tired eyes look back at me.  I also wanted to see my eye color once again. And now I do.

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